WOMAD NZ would not be possible without the generous assistance given by these organisations. WOMAD NZ is sincerely grateful for their support and acknowledges the generosity given by them.



Todd Energy has made a long term commitment to WOMAD, an event which over the years has become a part of the social fabric of the Taranaki community and a national icon. Next year’s WOMAD will be the seventh we are involved in and it’s a great opportunity to work together with WOMAD and its partners for the benefit of the region. We have an exciting few months ahead of us in the build up to the event and we will be reaching out locally even more by taking some of the magic of WOMAD to the people and communities Todd Energy operates in everyday.

It is the exploration and discovery of new artists and music, that makes one’s experience at WOMAD so memorable and Todd Energy is thrilled to be able to help ensure this experience is here for all to enjoy.

Shell is proud to have been sharing the WOMAD stage since 2003 and looks forward to another exciting celebration of international music and dance in 2013.
Our business has been operating in Taranaki for more than 50 years so it’s fitting that through WOMAD, considerable social and economic rewards continue to benefit our community, making it a great place to live, work and play! For more information visit: www.shell.co.nz


TSB Bank is proud to be associated with WOMAD. As a unique cultural, musical and educational experience, it’s one of New Zealand’s most loved events. From humble beginnings in 1850, we’re now one of New Zealand’s fastest growing banks, with 40% of our new customers coming to us on recommendation they’ve received from friends. As ‘New Zealand’s most recommended bank’, we understand how powerful personal recommendation can be. We look forward to playing a part in WOMAD’s success, and we’ll be recommending WOMAD to all of our customers, nationwide.


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